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Caption This Contest Creation



Here is it!  Thank you again, Sarah, for your submission to our 'Caption This' contest!


Turns out that chicken was gluten free so Moka could indulge in it with Skippy!

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Caption This Contest Winner!

We recently held a ‘caption this’ contest on Facebook.  We asked our fans to put their thinking caps on and leave a caption for this photo for a chance to win a paperback copy of The Adventures of Skippy, Qtip, and Moka: At the Cabin.  Although there were many great submissions, only one could win!



Thank you for your great submission, Sarah!

Sarah's caption was:

Skippy: "Come on! Let's dig in Mocha! What are you waiting for?"  Mocha: "Can you tell me that it's gluten-free?"


Be sure to follow us on Facebook for more exciting contests like this!

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UpLifting Entertainment

Qtip: "You Sure it's worth the punishment?"

Skippy: "Oh, Heck yea."

We saw this one going around on Facebook with >600 comments and >27,000 Likes, and 30,000 shares!

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